What is Stewardship?

To some, stewardship means donating money to a church. However, Biblical stewardship is where faith, work and economics meet. To be effective stewards, we must put our gifts of time, talent and treasure to faithful and efficient use. Our purpose is to share God’s Word and do his work.

Stewardship is a way of life.

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Beginning a New Stewardship Journey

Our parish has begun a new journey to focus on Biblical stewardship. We’ll accomplish this by learning more about the ministries and causes we support, expanding ministries, and gaining a better understanding of how we touch others’ lives.

How we choose to use our time, talents and energy will determine how effective we are as stewards. God created each of us with different gifts and skills. Together, we can achieve things impossible to achieve alone. How will you use your time, talents and treasures?

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Recognizing Your Gifts and Accomplishments

All gifts, whether large or small, are worthy of recognition. For each gift of time, talent or treasure you give, your name will be added to a tag on a mobile representing our parish’s gifts. This visual reminder will convey how much has been accomplished, and how many people it took to achieve results. Contact Sherri Hefty or the church office so they can create a tag for your contribution.