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The Passing of Liz Chapman

shared by Priscilla Laufenberg

Many of you know the Chapman family, who were long-time members of Springdale. Dale wrote a note to share the sad news that LIz passed away (see below). By clicking on the link, you can read the obituary, view photos and post a message to express your condolences. Please keep the Chapman family in your prayers during this difficult time.

“I am very sad to let you know that Liz, my soulmate and best friend, passed away on May 31st. It was a beautiful Sunday evening and she is now in a pain free place. Kevin and Kent are here and helping me get through this tough time. A tribute to Liz and her obituary can be found online at this link.

We will be organizing a memorial service to be held in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin in August or September depending on our ability to have a gathering.”

God Bless,



L.O.C.K. D.O.W.N.
(via LakeView Church)

shared by Sue Bakken