Saturday Thoughts

Saturday Thoughts

“Compassion Creates Bonds”

June 20

Pastor Loren explains that if something is broken, we want a speedy fix by throwing it out and getting something new, or by getting do-it-yourself tips online. That approach doesn’t work with people, however. Healing of wounds may happen fairly quickly on the surface, but the pain underneath may take a longer to heal. We want others’ suffering to end, so that sometimes leads to attempting a quick fix instead of taking the time needed to heal. Compassion is difficult because seeing others who feel vulnerable, hurt or lonely is painful. We can show support by giving love, even if we don’t quite know what to say or do. This breaks through barriers and creates bonds of healing. May we find this compassion in ourselves and do what Jesus called us to do in our world. #letitshine
( 3 min., 36 sec.)


Saturday Message

“Prayer and Open Hands”

May 9

Pastor Loren explains that hands folded in prayer convey a sense of power and peace. Today’s uncertainty elevates the level of intensity in prayer. When we can trust and open our hands in prayer to God, we are better able to receive His gifts for us. #letitshine
(3 min., 33 sec.)


Saturday Thoughts

“Caring From Six Feet Away”

May 2

Social distancing puts us in an unfamiliar world, where we are unable to express our care through a hug or gentle touch. Yet our willingness to separate shows we care because it keeps others safe. Although there is space between us, it is not filled with emptiness, but with promise. The Spirit is at work, provide healing and comfort in our journey. #letitshine
(3 min.,19 sec.)