Positive Outcomes


10 Positive Outcomes of the Pandemic

All of us can no doubt think of the many negative aspects of the pandemic. Let’s take a moment to consider some good things we have heard are happening because of the temporary change in our lifestyles. You may be experiencing some of these positive developments yourself:

1. Hectic schedules have slowed down for some people and have created more time for reflection.

2. Being more aware and appreciative of our many blessings, such as the freedom to see friends and family, being able to get groceries, have a job and go to school.

3. Having more time to cook and experiment with recipes.

4. Families are able to eat a meal together more often.

5. Finding new ways to share God’s Word through social media and on websites.

6. People are showing kindness and love in countless ways, such as making face masks to give away, picking up groceries for those who are at-risk, and posting positive messages on their social media accounts.

7. Putting more of an emphasis on prayer in our daily lives.

8. Focusing on other people, instead of our busy day.

9. Time to learn more and read more.

10. Getting better at letting God take the weight off our shoulders.