News Briefs – May

Support Available During These Challenging Times

Dealing with this public health crisis can be frightening and may leave us feeling unsettled, depressed, frustrated or lonely. Those feelings are likely present for many people in these difficult times.

It’s important to know that someone is there to listen and provide support and encouragement to you. You are always invited to contact Pastor Loren, Pastor Linda, and Youth and Family Minister Jim Ranney if you would like support or you just want to talk. You can reach them by phone, text or email at:

Loren – 715-523-0422

Linda – 715-529-2110

Jim – 608-669-2267

May God bless you, protect you and give you peace.


Keeping the Eternal Candle Burning

Thank you to Gary Bakken for his gift to keep the eternal candle burning brightly in May. Gary gave his gift in memory of his mother, Sophie Bakken, and his uncle and Godfather, Edgar Seekamp.

Thank you for your gift, Gary!