Lent and Easter


Easter Sunday

April 4

“Crown Him With  Many Crowns”

This music was performed at an Easter service at Springdale from a past year, and images were added to create this video in 2020. #letitshine

Vocals by Paul Elver, Pastor Jeff Jacobs and Doug Slater

Keyboard by our dear friend, the late Donna Slater



“An Easter Hallelujah”

This is a simply beautiful version of “Hallelujah” with new lyrics for Easter. “Hallelujah” is performed by  sisters Cassandra (age 10) and Callahan (age 19) Armstrong. The song was composed by Leonard Cohen, with lyrics by Kelley Mooney and piano by Jeff Buckley.

Cassandra and Callahan are from Fort Francis, Ontario, and recently recorded the song for their grandmother, who was in the hospital.



Good Friday

April 2

“The Ultimate Sacrifice”

Vicar Jim reads the Good Friday message from the book, “What Wondrous Love.” We are in awe of our salvation through Jesus. Victory was won when Christ died for us on the cross. May the love of Christ be on your lips and in your heart. #letitshine


Maundy Thursday

Thursday, April 1

“New Life Through Christ”

Jesus calls us to a new life of service as His children. Christ gave everything to others, even His life, so that we may live. Jesus’ death on the cross brings us new life through Him. #letitshine


Wednesday, March 24

“Glory in the Cross”

This week’s Lenten message relates to the joy and glory of the cross. Jim reminds us that Jesus gave up His life for us willingly. He had the power, yet made the choice to die on the cross to save us. #letitshine


Wednesday, March 17

“Resurrection Through Christ”

Jim reflects on the Lenten journey with a reading from the book “What Wondrous Love.” He reminds us that death is an enemy of God, and our resurrection from death is sealed in our baptism. #letitshine


Wednesday, March 10

“More Than We Expect”

Jim’s message for this third week of Lent centers on giving. God continues to give us far more than we expect when we open our hearts and minds to Him. Those wise words were inspired by the  book “What Wondrous Love.” #letitshine



Wednesday, March 3

“A Deeper Relationship with Jesus”

Vicar Jim reads this week’s Lenten message from the book “What Wondrous Love.” The reading emphasizes that Jesus wants us to move deeper in our faith and strengthen our relationship with Him. Jim also leads a prayer and sings a verse of “Joyous Light.” #letitshine



Wednesday, February 24

“Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God”

Jim reads from a devotional book for Lent and Easter called “What Wondrous Love.” He reflects on what we should focus on in the season of Lent. The tune “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God” closes this week’s message. #letitshine
(3 min., 52 sec.)


Ash Wednesday

“Beginning the Journey of Lent”

February 17

On this Ash Wednesday, Jim reads a message from the book “What Wondrous Love” and shares a prayer as we begin our journey of Lent. #letitshine