What’s On the Horizon for Two Steeples

We are in the midst of uncertainty, wondering what tomorrow will look like and when we can get closer to a sense of normalcy. It has not been easy, yet we have adapted. Best of all, you have shown the warmth and generosity in your hearts by sharing positive messages, praying for others and giving support in multiple ways.

Sometimes it may seem we’re at a standstill, but every day brings us closer to seeing each other again. Your Springdale and West Blue Mounds Church Councils, pastors and Youth & Family Minster are working together to decide how to proceed. In April, we started having our Council meetings via Zoom conference, with the first hour a Joint Council Meeting. Thank you to Mike Reynolds for setting up Zoom conferences for us!

At the meetings, we discuss the current situation and whether any steps should be taken in the near future. We talk about safety, the status of future events, and whether anyone needs help. The Councils will be meeting again on Wednesday, May 6.

Safety is a high priority for us. We have not set a specific date to reopen due to the evolving situation. There likely will be phases and new practices to protect everyone. When the future becomes clearer and we are able to put plans in place, we will be sure to fill you in.

Peace and blessings to you and your loved ones as we begin to see brighter days on the horizon. Please stay safe!