Eternal Candle

Keeping the Eternal Candle Burning

Thank you to Gary Bakken for his gift to keep the eternal candle burning brightly in May. Gary gave his gift in memory of his mother, Sophie Bakken, and his uncle and Godfather, Edgar Seekamp.

Thank you for your gift, Gary!


Given in Loving Memory

Some members of our church family have donated for the Eternal Candle in loving memory of family members.

For the month of March, Sue Bakken and her family gave in memory of Sue’s dad, Marvin Bakken. The anniversary of Marvin’s passing is March 15

The gift for the Eternal Candle in April was given by Gary Bakken. Gary’s gift was given in honor of his aunt Evelyn Steinhoff and cousins June Underwood, Janet Hustad,and Lloyd Seekamp.

Thank you to Sue and her family, and Gary for their loving gifts.