Purpose and Scope:

Scholarships are available and will be awarded to high school graduates who qualify under the eligibility section of this directive. The scholarship amount will be up to $250.

Interest earned will be used first in the payment of these scholarships.

The continuation of this scholarship will be determined by the acting S.E.S.F. Committee. This committee is elected on rotating terms by the Springdale Lutheran Church congregation.


  1. Student must be a high school graduate and a member of Springdale Lutheran Church.
  2. Student will need to apply for this scholarship in writing by completing an application form provided by the S.E.S.F. Committee.
  3. Student must be qualified and registered at a creditable college and/or trade school.
  4. Student must have completed (1) semester–12 credits minimum–with a grade of “C” to qualify.


  1. All qualified applicants will be eligible for a scholarship amount in a given year.
  2. The scholarship amount will be set by the S.E.S.F. Committee on a year-to-year basis, depending on available funds.


  1. Applications must be received prior to July 1st to qualify for payment prior to the second semester (or spring) semester of the following year.
  2. Applications must be received prior to November 1 to qualify for payment prior to the first semester (or fall semester) of the following year.
  3. Student must furnish the S.E.S.F. Committee with their record of grades to verify the “C: grade average before the check can be released.

Award and Presentation:

Springdale Lutheran Church Treasurer will need to notify the S.E.S.F. Committee of available monies each year, or as requested. Example: If only one student applies in a given year, excess (interest) of allowable scholarship funds will be rolled over into the next year to cover multiple requests.

The scholarship award(s) will be announced and/or presented at the Springdale Lutheran Church Annual Meeting each year after completion of the fall school semester and registration for the spring semester.

If student(s) first enrolls for the spring semester, scholarships will be announced prior to July 1.