Changes Coming to Connect Webpage


We have a wealth of meaningful content on the Connect page on our website. Pastor Linda, Pastor Loren and Jim Ranney have created videos for Tuesday Tunes, Word of the Day Thursday, Family Friday and Saturday Thoughts, as well as Sunday Messages. With the amount of content, however, the webpage loads more slowly. To fix the issue, content will be moved to separate pages. You will still be able to visit the Connect page at The difference will be that the page will be a “portal,” meaning you will be able to find links to separate pages for Tuesday Tunes, Word of the Day Thursday and the other pages.

There is a lot of content to move, so it will take a while to complete the project. Links have already been added to the top of the Connect page so you can see the content that has already been moved. We hope this change will make the web page load much faster for you.