Brigham Park Outdoor Service Draws a Crowd


Participants in the Two Steeples outdoor worship service at Brigham Park on July 10 were greeted by a beautiful summer day and a picturesque view that spanned miles. About 40 members and guests attended the service and potluck. Jim Ranney led a wonderful service and shared a meaningful message.

Another highlight was the lovely musical performances by members and guests (all part of our church family). Jim played guitar and the harmonies of those gorgeous voices were wonderful. Some attendees commented that the birds even sang more after the performance!

The worship service was followed by a marvelous potluck and cookout. Special thanks to Scott and Doreen Bigler for their masterful grilling, and to those who furnished all the  plates/utensils/napkins /cups, bottled water, ice, meat for grilling and condiments for the group (Sherri, Bob and Kay).

We couldn’t have had a more perfect day to enjoy together.