About West Blue Mounds

West Blue Mounds Lutheran Church has a worship service at 10 a.m. on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month. We offer Holy Communion during each service.

WBM has been a center of worship for over 125 years. As a congregation we are, like the ELCA, “Marked with the cross of Christ forever…claimed, gathered, and sent forth for the sake of the world.”

WBM Worship

Where to find us

Our building located in the rolling hills surrounded by the blue mounds to the west and beautiful countryside all around us.

If you come to our area to camp, there are two great campgrounds to choose from: Blue Mounds State Park and Brigham County Park. Each has its own wonderful views. If you are in our area on a Sunday morning we would welcome you to worship with us. We are located in the center of town. We are on the corner of Division and Church streets.

On the 3rd Thursday of the month we have a free community meal downstairs from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. Takeout is also available. Free will offerings are accepted. Come join us!

Our History

  • 1880: The decision to build West Blue Mounds Lutheran Church occurred on Oct. 6, 1880. The church was built in the village during the summer of 1881, by Martin Saustebo and dedicated the spring of 1882. Prior to the church being built, the people of the Blue Mounds area worshiped at the old Brigham school house as early as 1872. Founding pastor: Adolf Bredesen, 1879-1882 (who also served Perry Church).
  • 1882: West Blue Mounds Lutheran Church was dedicated. Presiding pastor: Rev. Peter Isberg, 1882-1884 (who also served Perry Church)
  • 1882: West Blue Mounds Lutheran Church was dedicated. Presiding pastor: Rev. Peter Isberg, 1882-1884 (who also served Perry Church)
  • 1883: Springdale & West Blue Mounds terminated their call and formed a new call consisting of West Blue Mounds, Springdale & Vermont congregations. Presiding pastor: O.P. Syftestad, 1884-1890
  • 1887: During Rev. Syftestad pastorate the ladies aid was formed consisting of 9 original members
  • 1892: The front part of the church and steeple was built at a cost of $650. The brass bell weighs 797lbs. Presiding pastor: Rev. Henrick Voldal, 1890-1903
  • 1889: The cemetery was plotted on the ground purchased by Iver Halstine. The price of lots was set at $10/lot. (The original cemetery ground was purchased in 1883 by Henry Boley but abandoned in 1889)
  • 1908: Perry & West Blue Mounds separated and WBM joined with the Mt. Horeb congregation. Presiding pastor: Rev. Helge Havenstad, 1903-1908
  • 1914: An annex to the congregation was added at Barneveld, WI. An abandoned Baptist church in the village of Barneveld was offered to the congregation as a gift from Jerome James, Barneveld banker. The offer was accepted and church was remolded and dedicated in 1915 as a Lutheran church but remained a corporate part of the WBM congregation. During Rev. Mostrom pastorate, the Parochial & Sunday Schools (enrollment of 30-40 kids) were organized.
  • 1916: A new alter, pulpit and alter railing was replaced in the church. Presiding pastor: Rev. Otto Mostrom, 1908-1917
  • 1919: Minutes were first written in English. Norwegian had been used until this time.
  • 1921: The church was struck by lightning, minor damage resulted.
  • 1926: Electric Lights were put in the church by the Ladies Aid.
  • 1925: The church basement was built.
  • 1950: The inside stairway was built by Fred Miller.
  • 1954: A certificate of Incorporation was filed making Barneveld a separate congregation known as Barneveld Lutheran Church.
  • 1956: Realignment of the parish resulted in the Mt. Horeb congregation calling their own pastor and the WBLM & BLC called their own pastor. Presiding pastor: Rev. E. R. Anderson 1917-1957.
  • 1957: A new public address system was dedicated on August 25. Presiding pastor: Rev. Raymond Mehl 1957-1960
  • 1961: The church was painted in June and paid for by the Ladies Aid.
  • 1967: Carpeting was installed by Hathaway Carpet Service for $1149.
  • 1969: Front steps of the church were taken out and a new entry was built.
  • 1970: In the spring, new carpeting was laid, rewiring was done and new lights were installed.
  • 1974: A new piano was given in memory of loved ones.
  • 1976: A new stairway was built at a cost of $3558.
  • 1977: The church connected to the village sewer system.
  • 1980: An anniversary quilt was made and the Church was redecorated. The Church celebrates its 100th anniversary on August 10. The steeple was struck by lighting.
  • 1981: In July two delegates, Ida Swenson and Verna Fargo, attended the WELCA National Convention in San Antonia, Texas.
  • 1982: New furnace and ceiling fans were installed.
  • 1983: A sound system was installed at a cost of $1202.
  • 1985: Parking lot purchased at a cost of $5428
  • 1986: Church was painted at a cost of $1700. A new organ was given at a cost of $6500. Presiding pastor: Rev. Robert E. Twiton 1961-1991
  • 1992: Pastor Dennis O’Brien is installed.
  • 1993: Pastor Lil Buluska is installed as a part time pastor. Silver chalice and pitcher were replaced and being used after many years in storage.
  • 1999: Pastors Dennis O’Brien and Lil Buluska resign. Partnership between BLC and WBMLC is dissolved. Presiding pastor: Rev. Dennis O’Brien 1991-1999.
  • 2000: In September we voted to build a new addition to the Church which constituted a kitchen, bathrooms, office and meeting room.
  • 2001: The addition was completed in April and dedicated on September 30. Presiding pastor: Rev. Doug Locken 1999-2001