About Springdale

In 1852, Springdale Lutheran Church began its mission among the settlers of southern Wisconsin. Today, we still carry on many of the traditions of the early settlers, including the belief that everyone is welcome to worship here, and proclaim God’s love by word and deed. We are indeed proud of our long history, but it is the future that glows brightly before us.

Sunday Schedule

  • 10 a.m. Worship Service the 1st, 3rd and 5th (when applicable) Sunday of the month

Our History

For most of its history, Springdale shared a pastor with neighboring parishes until becoming independent in 1996. Current membership is about 280, including people who trace ancestry back to the first settlers and people who joined recently – seniors, teens, young families, middle-agers, preschoolers and folk of every sort.

The Norwegian settlers who founded Springdale held their first worship in 1850 on a farmstead a mile south of the present building. The congregation organized December 1, 1852, and the first church was built in 1861. Its 1877 steeple was designed by Aslak Lee, a noted immigrant architect. When the current sanctuary was built in 1895, the old steeple was preserved with its original bell and replica of the hand-carved spire ornament.

In 1928, twelve Art Glass windows were added to the sanctuary, and remodeling projects in subsequent decades have improved and modernized our worship, fellowship and educational space, culminating in 2006 with completion of a new education/fellowship wing which added offices, four classrooms, handicap accessible restrooms and elevator to all floors.