Moving Forward Together

Dear Friends in Christ:

A new year, 2020 is underway. Loren and I are finishing up our second, 6 month contract as your interim pastors. We know that you are wondering how the search for a new pastor for Two Steeples is proceeding. This is a good time to share some things with you.

As you know, the ELCA, along with a number of churches, is experiencing a shortage of pastors coming out of seminary. When Loren and I graduated from seminary, 40 years ago, there was a surplus of pastors waiting for calls. In fact, we actually began our ministry as licensed interim pastors at Merrimac and Mazomanie. After about a 6 month wait, we were called to a church in Kenosha County.

Times have changed. The church has changed in many ways. But one thing has not changed. The Holy Spirit still leads and guides our churches. God has a mission in this world. And God invites West Blue Mounds and Springdale to be a part of that mission.

Churches, seminaries, and synods are developing new programs to address the shortage of pastors coming out of seminary. There are programs for long distance learning and second career folks. Seminaries have changed their curriculum to meet the times.

So what does this mean for Two Steeples? Please know that Loren and I, the church councils, and the synod office have been working toward the next step for our churches. And we are making real progress. It will be exciting to share the next step. But for right now, several things still have to fall into place. Until they do, and that, hopefully, should be in the next few months, we ask for your patience and for your prayers!

Loren and I hope to remain with Two Steeples and continue as your interim pastors until everything is finalized. Two Steeples is a great parish and there are exciting things happening. May God bless us as we move forward together.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Linda


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