God is With Us

Dear Friends in Christ,

As our fall programing gets underway at Two Steeples, we once again focus our attention on discovering the ways in which God has entered into and become a part of the world that God created. Our scriptures reveal this marvelous story to us. When we hear the words of a God who loves this world and all of creation, we are called to renew our relationship with this God as revealed to us in Jesus Christ, and be led by the Holy Spirit to actively share that love with our world.

On a recent Sunday, children from 3rd Grade and up in the parish received Bibles, which their parents placed in their hands, fulfilling the baptismal promise they made when their children were baptized. The Word of God placed in their hands will be a strength for their life and support for them in the years to come. This is one of the ways that the church acts together with parents to be a presence for our children as they grow and learn. These are milestone moments in Christians’ lives that assure us that God is always with us every moment of our lives.

In October, we will hear students Affirm their Baptismal promises at the Confirmation service on Reformation Sunday. This is another moment when the presence and activity of our God takes center stage in the lives of our young people. We see the God who came into our world in Jesus Christ in order to embrace the flesh and blood life that we all share and fill us with that presence acting in a special way. These are “awesome” moments in our faith lives.

Each Sunday, we gather at the table to be nourished by the God who welcomes us and enters into our world in a very special way through the bread and wine of Holy Communion. Through this experience, we become the presence of God’s Word in our world called to carry out the mission of our Lord and Savior. Our communion celebration with our young people and their families will take place in November. This will be an opportunity to lift up to the youngest among us the meaning and understanding of this gift that has been given “for us.”

These are times of joy in the parish as we are all renewed in the many gifts that God has given us and renewed in the presence of the God who is “with us.”

May God bless our continuing journey together,

Pastor Loren & Pastor Linda


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