Doing the Groundwork


Confirmation, Reformation, All Saints Sunday! It is interesting to see how these are all related. Reformation pointed the way to freeing up the Word of God and paving the way toward the “priesthood of all believers.” It’s the “priesthood of all believers” that become the Saints of the Church, those now enjoying the fullness of life eternal. Our confirmands are at the beginning point of being the “priesthood of all believers” heading toward (eventually!) becoming the Saints of the church. Confirmation, Reformation, and All Saints Sunday—what a time for us to celebrate and rejoice!

And we are heading toward Thanksgiving and Advent which only raises the bar of being a part of a church that celebrates what is truly important in life. Several things are happening at Two Steeples to help us celebrate. The changing of our times of Worship and our choice to lead with Hospitality in the providing of a Community Meal in West Blue Mounds each Wednesday evening beginning in November lead the way—help when you can.

Two Steeples is also looking forward to providing more stability in our Music ministry with two music coordinators—one for Springdale and one for West Blue Mounds–coming on board shortly. In addition, Springdale is looking into upgrading their musical instrument, a necessary step in providing quality worship experiences.

Couple these things with what Jim Ranney is doing with our youth and, while we certainly are not “busting at the seams,” the groundwork is being done. We are moving toward more consistently inspiring worship and learning experiences and are opening our doors to invite new people into our community. As we are faithful God will grant success.

If you have been worshiping and participating regularly at Two Steeples, please continue to do so. If you have not been able yet to join us, please consider doing so. The two worship times–Sunday morning at Springdale at 9 a.m. and Wednesday evening at West Blue Mounds at 6:30 p.m. following the Community Meal—give a good opportunity to do so.

Looking forward to ministering together with you,

Pastor Jerry

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