Supporting Growth Together

The task of the Pastor is to provide meaningful worship experiences which honor the traditions of the past while providing counsel and support with contemporary life in mind. The pastoral role is to be sensitive to individual needs and struggles, offering support either in person or by referral to other helpful healing resources. The pastoral role is teaching and learning, offering encouragement and warning, complimenting and confronting as each and any of these can be used to “build up the Body of Christ.” The pastoral role is to be in prayer for the congregation and by setting an example by both word and action.

The members of the congregation are attached to Christ and each other like branches connected to a tree. The branch (member) brings energy to the tree(congregation) supporting its growth. The role of the congregational member is to offer this energy to other “branches” in supportive ways, avoiding the judgmental approach. The role of the congregational member is to react and respond to insights they have received using such to support existing branches and to spawn new branches. Without the infusion of energy from the branches the tree will die. Likewise, without the support of the foundation provided by the tree the branch will cease to thrive. Member and congregation mutually support and sustain each other.

What will be the future of Two Steeples Parish—Springdale Lutheran and West Blue Mounds Lutheran? That depends on the energy–the interest and support–given by members and staff. Each one of us contributes to answering this question by what we do or do not do. Please continue to worship, give your support for a successful Vacation Bible School, and Car Show along with whatever else will help “build up the body of Christ.”

Pastor Jerry

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