A Time of Opportunity

An interim time in a congregation is the space between when one pastor leaves and next pastoral relationship with the congregation begins. While definitely a time of change, it is even more importantly a time of opportunity. What has been may not be in line with what is to come.

The interim time begins with saying goodbye to the pastoral leader who has been with the congregation for a period of time. Done well and intentionally, this sets the table for the future. What that future will be is the work of the congregation during the interim.

Here at Two Steeples we have said goodbye to Pastor Jeff and now it is time for the next piece of the interim puzzle to fall into place. It is time for each of you to share what you see in your future as a congregation and as a parish. Every member of the parish is invited to meet with me in the next few months – call them interviews or conversations. I want to hear what you have to say. I want to hear what you feel is the future of your congregations and the parish. These 45-minute visits are intended to help begin drawing the picture that you paint of what Two Steeples Parish will look like in the next few years.

Around the middle of August, I will put together what you have told me along with the comprehensive ministry review report that was prepared by our synod, and together we will share scenarios of what the future looks like. Depending on the clarity of the picture this could be the time when the search for the next pastoral relationship begins. This will depend on the work we do now.

Interims in congregations do not go on forever. By pausing and looking around with fresh eyes, congregations have a time to enjoy the many good things they have done and are doing while opening the doors to new and exciting things the future holds. Come back here in a couple of months and see what’s happened during this interim time at Two Steeples.

Pastor Jerry

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