To the Ecclesia of Two Steeples Parish, Greetings!

After over a decade of serving a weekly Soup Supper, first at West Blue Mounds, then the Legion Post, then again back at West Blue Mounds, the Countryside Communities Center has decided to cut back to a once a month meal the first Wednesdays of November through March. Many thanks go to both parish members and outside volunteers who have served so faithfully over all those years. (But note also, CCC’s Pantry, Clothes Closet and other ministries continue as usual!)

Yet as this door closes (partially), does a window of opportunity open for Two Steeples? I have thought for some time our parish could take greater advantage of a resource which is right at our back door – well, really, right in our basement – to build a greater outreach in the community.

We’ve had a taste of it for a couple years when we’ve held Lenten services at West Blue Mounds after Suppers or when we hosted a Halloween or an Advent party. Numbers weren’t necessarily huge, but there was interest and there was a vibe of excitement on those special nights for parishioners, regular Supper attenders and new visitors.

I was starting to wonder whether we could offer some midweek program each week of the Supper season, but was concerned it may have been overly ambitious. Now, though, CCC will serve a supper just the first Wednesday of the month…Could our united parish put on the supper the third Wednesday of those months? And could we regular provide some type of appealing program – a family movie, a game night, tutoring, special speakers, whatever – that would become a wider draw and service to the community?

Little seeds have been planted over a couple years, perhaps from the first months when Springdale and West Blue Mounds began this partnership we call Two Steeples Parish. I firmly believe the Holy Spirit has been pointing us toward a path where the combined resources of both churches can truly blend in exciting ways to open new ministries in our community and renewing mission for our congregations.

Pray earnestly for vision among us to see how this opportunity unfolds and reflect faithfully on how you may be called, “called out ones” of Two Steeples Parish, to help bring this into a reality.

Yours in Faith,
Pastor Jeff Jacobs

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